Have you recently faced a problem with your i3/i5/i7 unable to overclock unless resuming from sleep at-least once after boot? Do you have an SSDT and the proper AICPM kext but the modifier stays stuck at 16x?

It’s not clear why this happens and I can’t say you’ll have this option available on your motherboard but what fixed this problem for me is to modify the stepper in the BIOS like so:

If you have a base clock of 42360 – change this value to 42000. (4.2GHz OC is easily achievable and specified as the max clock – though this may not always be true – it’s safe to test at 4.2GHz)

If you have a BIOstar mobo, you’re probably familiar with the ONE page – navigate yourself on over to that page and notice that the Base Clock is 10360 and the Step is 35 (or whatever you have yourself clocked at). Simply modify 10360 to 10000 and 35 to 42, boot into your Hackint0sh and you should notice an extremely faster boot, check your speeds with HWMonitor to ensure everything is going peachy.

As I said earlier, 4.2GHz is the max clockspeed supported by the Hackint0sh project but higher speeds are achievable. I’ve had this speed-stepper up to 5.0GHz and the only thing holding me back right now is my PoS PSU running at a pathetic 450w.

Currently I have it clocked at 4.4GHz (see the figure to your left),  and it’s a phenomenal difference from base clock while still able to manage power efficiently.

This fix is not completely understood but what I can tell you is that I’ve tried values all relevant to the task at hand 10360, 10000, 10240, 9960, even 9999 and 10001.. but it seems Apple may have modified the “traditional assumed value” (1x step measured in MHz) maybe to simplify things as computing evolves or just sheer laziness, who knows.

I have a BIOstar and Intel board that I was able to run mindless trial and tribulation of Overclocking, but I can’t say OCing for you will look the same, so if you are having this problem and are completely flabbergasted by the BIOS, Leave me a comment and send me a screenshot and I’ll try and help guide you to victory.



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