Migrate Plex Media Server Appdata to FreeNAS and don’t delete the metadata with each update

If you use PMS on Windows/Linux/Mac and want to migrate to FreeNAS’ Plugin of PMS but don’t want to delete your metadata to keep your view history and on deck, here’s a pretty simple tutorial:

Open the FreeNAS shell and:

mkdir /mnt/RAIDname/Plex

Copy the “Plex Media Server” application data folder from your previous server to the location you just created.

Now add the storage mount to the Plex plugin jail at /media/Plex from the FreeNAS GUI and open the plexmediaserver_jail shell and:

cd /usr/pbi/plexmediaserver-amd64/plexdata

rm -R “Plex Media Server”

ln -s /media/Plex/”Plex Media Server” .

If you moved your application data and the server isn’t starting correctly, delete the Preferences.xml file and it will bring up the setup tutorial but all your media and deck will be in tact, you can skip the tutorial, you will  have to set your preferences again though.

UPDATE: If you want to setup crontab to automatically update your server, please see this forum, mstinaff created a script to update the PMS and describes to me how to setup crontab to run the updater automatically.

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  1. I followed your instructions but the Plex plugin no longer starts. I don’t think it’s accessing the symbolic link.

    My setup is a Window to FreeNAS migration. I have the jail storage for Plex as /mnt/media and Plex/”Plex Media Server” is a sub-directory of /media. So the jail/plugin should be able to access it.

    Any advice?

    • Hey DrH,

      That’s very strange, I just updated to the latest version and followed this procedure without issue… remove (or backup) your Preferences.xml file as this will cause issues connecting to myPlex and possible other issues in your case… Lastly the permissions are important, chances are running chmod 755 “Plex Media Server” will fix the issue as well

      Oh it’s also important that you DO NOT remove the folder while the plugin is running, stop the Plex Media Server plugin before following this procedure or you will run into the issue where the plugin just stays off

      oh and one other quick fix, try rebooting after setting everything up, then starting the plugin

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