OneDrive constantly crashing and restarting on Windows 8.1 Fix

Just saw a ton of Google searches on this, if it doesn’t help but your having the same problem, send me some screenshots…

This may be a mapping issue on Microsoft’s part, if you upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 and had symbolic links mapping the SkyDrive folders, it’s likely that Windows didn’t properly move the folder from ‘SkyDrive’ to ‘OneDrive’


1. Right-click and check the Properties of OneDrive from C:/Users/%youruser%.
2. Click the Location tab.
3. Does the location say “C:\Users\%youruser%\SkyDrive” even though the folder name is OneDrive?
4. If it says SkyDrive, change it OneDrive.
5. Reboot

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  1. Why can’t Microsoft figure this out? I knew the name change was going to cause problems. Thanks for the help, no more crashes.

  2. I cannot believe it was that simple… Like Mr. Hall said why in the world MS did not figured this out already… Anyways, thank you good Sir: Problem Solved… šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you! Thought the culprit was a virus, I never would have thought of this solution.

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