Auto login Windows 8.1 Domain account

Have you recently signed into Windows 8 with a Microsoft account? Is the check box missing on your netplwiz to allow auto-login:

enter image description here

If you try setting auto login from the registry, The ‘AutoAdminLogon’ key always reverts back to 0 and resume from sleep will not work.

Screenshot 2014-12-12 22.10.09Thankfully this is a simple fix, open up Control Panel, User accounts and click “Reset Security Policies” on the left, afterwards run ‘control userpasswords2’ or ‘netplwiz’ and you will see the check-box to automatically login is back.

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  1. This option does not show up in Windows 8.1 under local admin or domain admin.

    • Are you referring to the “Reset Security Policies” option? If it isn’t there, there are no policies needed to be reset.

      If you are still having the issue, are you trying to enable auto login on a domain account?

  2. It isn’t there. I have tried domain and local accounts that were and were not admins. The option never appears.

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