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Playing MOBAs with a WiiMote Controller on Windows/Mac

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while not to say it’s anything new but for all MOBA players – Diablo, League, HOTS, etc. have probably found it pretty tedious to constantly be slamming 5-10 buttons on your keyboard and if you own a laptop, that palm is probably sweating twice as much because of it.

So let’s start off by stating the obvious:

The WiiMote is used for input, NOT motion control!


Preferred Controls

Right-hand = Mouse & Left-hand = WiiMote

You can see my preferred controls on the right, although I use 1 and 2 as short-hold to ping and long-hold to taunt, it’s recommended to just emulate keys as regular keys, complex actions will cause issues with the response time of the key which will destroy your game (hence why I use the keys less critical).

No I do not use the applications to combo for me, although you probably could make a ton of profiles and set their combo accordingly, that would require a ton of fine-tuning and is just cheap and pointless towards a game, don’t waste your time and effort.


Siimple – Siimple requires you to script the controller, very simple process especially if you use my template (make sure you remove the .key). this is a free solution and thus can be troublesome, if not with OS issues, then with game recognition.
My scripts

Pinnacle Gaming Profiler – This is what I use and for many, many games that lack controller support, PGP is the best bet in terms of emulation, PGP never fails. It’s a paid application but this is what I use since I had trouble with Siimple.
My pins

Connecting the WiiMote to Windows: Use Dolphin Wii Emulator to initiate your connection with the controller, then launch Siimple or PGP, this is the fastest solution IMO.


For the few Mac Gamers interested in this, check out DarwiinRemote
My config